10 Reasons why you should choose our physiotherapy service

1)      Unique business model

We are the only physiotherapy provider in the Hull and East Yorkshire area to provide access to regional specialist physiotherapists. All our staff practice at a high level. This can involve working directly alongside consultants in surgical clinics or working at the top end of professional sport. Our clinicians specialise in treating different parts of the body and can therefore provide you with a higher level opinion.

2)      Modern, attractive clinic space

The clinic is situated in north Hull close to Cottingham with our own private car park. We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment with the aim of providing the best possible experience for our patients. Our staff are happy to offer drinks on your arrival and your friends and family are welcome to wait in our spacious wait room during your consultation.

3)      Access to injection therapists

Injection therapy is only appropriate for a very small selection of patients. When used at the right time with carefully picked patients it can be an extremely useful treatment. We offer access to Cingal (link) Ostenil Plus (link) and steroid injections.

4)      Less treatment sessions with better outcomes

Our unique business model of providing specialist staff often means that you see better results and with less sessions. This is often more efficient and cost saving for our patients.

5)      Specialists in assessing and managing complex running injuries

Most physiotherapy clinics will regularly see patients that present with a variety of running injuries. We recognise this and have access to a physiotherapist that specialises in this field and has attended all of the highest level physiotherapy running courses around the uk. It also helps that they are a top level runner themselves and can therefore directly relate to your needs.

6)      Access to imaging and consultant referral

Imaging is not always needed in the clinic but it is often appropriate for a small selection of our patients (see our victim of medical imaging blog). We have direct access to MRI scans, x-rays and ultrasound should this be required. If needed we can refer you directly for surgical opinions without the need for you to be referred by your GP.

7)      Registered with most insurance providers

We are approved to see most of the privately insured patients, this includes the key providers BUPA, AXA and CIGNA.

8)      Specialists in managing chronic lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most complex conditions we encounter. It is a condition that is multifactoral and often misunderstood by the public. Fortunately two of our staff members are specialists in treating back pain for the region. We believe that a better understanding of back pain is key for our patients and regularly blog on this topic.

Discs (link)

Understanding back pain video (link)

Why core stability exercises don't often work (link)

9)      Attention to detail

Our staff all pride themselves on offering the highest standards of care. Even when you are between appointments we offer all of our patient’s direct access to our clinicians for advice by email or telephone. This ensures that when you are under our care you will be looked after to the highest standards possible.

10)   Evidence based care

As a team we are passionate about being evidence based and ensuring that our patients receive contemporary care. It helps that most of our staff regularly lecture in their field. The evidence base for physiotherapy is always evolving and we are always working hard to make sure we stay up to date for your benefit.

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